We analyze

All our actions are taken based on in-depth analyses. Each step of brand promotion is based on detailed reports supporting the achievement of the goal.

We increase conversions

We focus on increasing conversions through gaining the trust of a large group of interested potential customers.

We achieve business goals

Together we determine and fully implement your business goals. By correctly defining assumptions, we are able to focus on the most important elements and achieve them in a short time.

We drive sales

Each step in the branding process is aimed at increasing sales. We rely on experience and skills that will make your product desirable.

Our mission is your profit

We deliver the highest quality products

We combined our knowledge and experience serving clients in Poland, Switzerland, Germany and Austria, operating dynamically as a ten-person team.

Maciej Bodziarczyk

Maciej, a graduate of Branding and Computer Graphics at Wrocław universities, has been focusing on the area of marketing for years. His professional experience in one of the leading banks in Poland with investment funds provide a solid basis for data analysis and marketing finance management. Years of practice in the field of brand promotion and studies completed in this field combine into a perfect whole. The main aspect of his activity focuses on promoting companies and developing coherent marketing strategies, both on the domestic and international markets

Konrad Jakubowski

Konrad completed international studies in Physics at the universities of Paris, Madrid, Wrocław and Oxford. He then obtained a PhD in materials science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, after which he decided to change his interests and became a consultant specializing in optimizing business processes and supporting international corporations in working with ERP (SAP) systems.

Maciej and Konrad follow their passions, while developing a new company that creates a CRM program. The main target market for this project is: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Poland. In their professional activities, they focus most on providing high-quality services, aimed at achieving the best possible results. 

Rank Higher's portfolio includes companies from various industries: from hotels, through production companies, to large international corporations. We have also been appreciated by clients from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, which is why we run campaigns in Polish, English and German.

Increase your chances of development

We are here to achieve success together